So at the beginning it was a many things blog, then my interest got caught by K-pop and particularly by the group Super Junior. After resisting for a long time and a concert, I became an ELF, in spite of myself. But I guess once you get to know them there is no turning back ^^. Also you might find some of CLAMP manga's artwork here, I'm a big fan of them. Hope you like what you find here (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

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Dancing K.R.Y.

yesung, you tried

Yesung blaming Eunhyuk for pulling him into the not so handsome team :P

U at SMTown NYC

Mr.Simple/Don Don’t, SUJU at SMTown NYC

Miracle and Sorry Sorry, Suju at SMTown NYC

Bonamana/Ment/Perfection, SUJU and SUJU-M at SMTown NYC